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Refugees’ Right to Appeal: Seeking Justice at the International Protection Court in Cyprus #2

Corina Drousiotou, the Cyprus Refugee Council coordinator, highlights the importance of a fair evaluation process before deporting individuals seeking international protection. Her statement follows Minister of Interior Constantinos Ioannou’s announcement to detain and deport 28 individuals involved in an incident at the Pournara Emergency Reception Centre.
Drousiotou underlines that individual case assessments by the Asylum Service are crucial to uphold the principle of non-refoulement, preventing the return of individuals to places where they may face harm. This principle applies to all migrants, regardless of their status. If the government proceeds with deportations without due process, it can be legally challenged in national courts, aligning with both national and international law.
The unrest at Pournara began during a football match, leading to confrontations and arrests. The Minister of Interior has suggested a review of asylum applications for all detainees, even those eligible for asylum, based on their involvement in the clashes. Extra assessors have been deployed to expedite the evaluation process.
Criticism has arisen from the Movement for Equality, Support, Anti-Racism (KISA), arguing that the Minister’s role is not to investigate criminal offenses, and a mere formality review would breach the fair procedure principle of refugee law. Nigerian nationals may face deportation, while Syrian nationals are expected to face charges related to the incident.
Individuals involved in the unrest are likely to be transferred to the Menoyia immigration detention center for deportation proceedings, with charges of rioting and brawling filed against the 33 arrested individuals. Eight individuals sustained injuries during the altercation.
Let’s advocate for fair and just treatment for all those seeking international protection!

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