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specialized in Refugees Law


Specialized In Refugees Law

Asylum Application

asylum application

We’re here to support you through every step of the asylum application process, providing guidance and legal advice tailored to your specific situation.

Consulting with a lawyer before applying for asylum is essential to ensure your application is well-prepared, meets legal requirements, and increases your chances of a successful outcome.

We provide expertise, help avoid mistakes, and navigate complex procedures on your behalf.

Interview preparation

We can assist asylum seekers in preparing for their interview with the asylum service by providing guidance on the interview process, helping them gather and organize supporting documents and evidence, and conducting mock interviews to build confidence and readiness.

Our goal is to ensure that asylum seekers are well-prepared to present their case effectively and accurately during this critical step in the asylum application process.

Interview for Asylum
international protection court


We assist asylum seekers in seeking recourse at the International Protection Court by meticulously reviewing their case, crafting a strong legal strategy, preparing all necessary documents, and providing expert representation during appeal proceedings.

Our goal is to leverage our legal expertise to challenge initial rejections, address any legal errors, and advocate effectively for international protection, offering guidance and support throughout the appeal process.

file reopening

File reopening in asylum cases can be a crucial avenue for asylum seekers to present new evidence or address errors in their initial applications. As lawyers, our role is to carefully assess the circumstances and evidence surrounding the case, determining whether it meets the criteria for reopening.

We assist by preparing a compelling request, ensuring all legal requirements are met, and presenting a strong case to the asylum authorities or court.

Our expertise in immigration and asylum law allows us to advocate effectively for our clients, aiming to secure a fair reassessment of their asylum claims and, ultimately, the protection they seek.

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